Friday, December 3, 2010

When Home is... a Mud Room

What do you get when you mix rain and snow? Mud, apparently. In parts of America they even refer to this as ‘mud season’. This same season obviously applies to anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and therefore houses on this side of the world often have an extra room to deal with such messy weather: a Mud Room.

Given the weather in Sydney at the moment I could really do with a Mud Room. Defined on the website as a room that ‘constitutes a clear boundary between indoors and out’; it is also there to ‘help keep the house clean’.

The only problem is that a mud room shouldn’t be your main entryway – which is really for receiving guests – it should be accessed from the side or back of the house. That could be an issue with our terrace house and its very narrow side passageway.

Given we are running out of living space, bathroom space and bedroom space I’m not quite sure why I’m dreaming of a room that’s sole purpose would be storage; a room that people are simply meant to drop their wet clothes, school bags and boots in and quickly leave.

But it seems there is no logic to the weather so I won’t analyse my daydream about the mud room either.

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Raine and Sage said...

We have a mud room. It consists of the laundry, linen cupboard, shelves for kids swim gear, bags, hats, umbrellas, a shoe rack etc. with a loo and bathroom accessed from here. It's perfect as kids get muddy, can be showered and then enter house. BIG gripe as you mentioned, is despite us having another entry (FRONT DOOR) people choose to enter my house this way.

Germaine Leece said...

Ah, I'm jealous. It has been raining so much in Sydney that we have wet, muddy footprints from the front of the house all the way through to the back!


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