Monday, May 31, 2010


I have always been a homebody and in many ways (particularly today with the rain falling in Sydney and a mug of tea beside me) I still am. But I have been home for a while now. Three young children and a freelance writing career have meant that home is now more central to my life than it ever was before.

Some days that feels liberating and other days it feels stifling. What I have noticed over the last six years as my family has steadily grown is that my feelings about home -- emotional, physical, spiritual -- are constantly evolving and changing.

In this space I want to explore what 'home' means in today's society. I want to write about how other people feel about their homes and the journeys they took to find their way there.

Also, as we embark on renovating an 1890s terrace, I'm growing even more curious about the historical aspects of home. How different is the family that first lived in my house to my family today?

Just think about all the secrets the walls in your house hold. Or are houses simply bricks and mortar? I'm looking forward to finding out and I hope you are too.


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