Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Home is... Kevin McCloud’s Principles

What was a favourite present under the tree for you this year? One of mine would have to be the book by UK Grand Design’s presenter, Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home.

In his introduction he calls this book ‘something of a manifesto for how we can live’. There is a lot in here on eco-living and elements of modern living but the principle I relate to the most would have to be the one that is printed on the back cover:

“Choose the architecture, garden, decoration and furnishings around who you are, what you dream of and what has made you. The most interesting and enriching homes are those that are full of autobiography; those that are maybe a bit cluttered, feel lived in and are delightful for it; those that have a mix of new and old, borrowed and bought – and not those that resemble furniture showrooms.”

I’m looking forward to writing more about the ‘autobiographical clutter’ of other people’s homes in 2011.

Happy New Year!


paula said...

After reading your blog, I was imagining what it'd be like having Kevin McCloud over to visit.

What a stressful afternoon tea that'd be given his sharp eye and ability to pinpoint household/decorating faults pretty articulately. Mind you, he's spent time in Indian slums...

Germaine Leece said...

Ha! Yes, he has spent time in Indian slums and could see the positives too... so surely it wouldn't be all bad?!


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