Friday, May 20, 2011

When Home is... a completed kitchen reno

Not long ago I interviewed Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan about her kitchen. As the founding editor of the great USA site, The Kitchn, it was exciting for me to hear about Sara Kate's views on the kitchen as the heart of her own home.

Not long after, the managing editor of The Kitchn contacted me and asked to see some pictures of my own kitchen, the heart of my home. So it was with great excitement, while standing in the kitchen of a rented holiday home in Byron Bay this week, to see our finished kitchen on such a website.

If you are looking for renovation inspiration from around the world and haven't looked at The Kitchn site or any of the Apartment Therapy sites, it's worth the visit...

Kitchen Tour: Germaine's Renovated Sydney Kitchen


Anne said...

Hi Germaine
I LOVE your blog. I'm at home with 2 little ones after a busy career as a doctor - quite a change but I am really enjoying spending time in the house which, I now realise, really needs some kid friendly decorating to make it a proper home. We still have all our pre-children furniture and lately I've been wondering why we can't fit our lives around it - now I've realised its the furniture that doesn't suit us. So I'm busy rearranging, editing, planning. I've been wanting a chalkboard in the kitchen for ages and yours has totally inspired me to just do it. Our new fridge isn't magnetic so I'm thinking of painting the wall with magnetic paint and then the chalkboard paint. Hope it works! Thanks for the inspiration.

Germaine said...

Hi Anne

Thanks so much for commenting! And yes, DEFINITELY paint a chalkboard. It is SO easy - just two coats and my husband isn't at all handy in these kinds of matters and even he couldn't mess it up. The kids love it and use it everyday. It's also a good way to entertain other kids when they visit... I think the magnetic paint is a great idea too. I've seen it used in kids bedrooms in magazines but haven't seen it in real life. Let me know how it goes and send a pic!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Greetings from rural Missouri! Your new kitchen is gorgeous. I really enjoyed the photos and interview on the kitchn. Congratulations on such a beautiful job so well done! :)

Germaine Leece said...

Thanks Farmgirl Susan! Lovely to hear from you and amazing to think a kitchen in Sydney has made it's way over to a kitchen in rural Missouri...


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