Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Home is... the (sydney) magazine

Do you know any stories about the people who lived in your house before you did?

I always felt that researching the history of the people who lived in our house would be more interesting than researching my family tree. It's hard not to feel an affinity with people who also chose to make your house their home. You instantly have something in common.

Here's my result, published in the (sydney) magazine, inside the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday, February 24th 2011.

Click here.


living solutions said...

I'm dying to read this, but it opens for me in Google Documents and I can't see it properly. It shows the magazine pages a bit too small to read and it extracts the text in such a way that it jumbles up the sentences.
Is there any other way to view it (apart from in the magazine which I missed...)?

Germaine said...

How annoying! It seems blogger can't upload PDFs and the only way to do it was through Google docs... I will investigate further.

Kylie L said...

That's a great piece! (though was hard to read) Congrats on the publication. You've done a lovely job with your house too (had a peek at the blog before this!)


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